Meet the Ramblers

Dennis Funderburg plays lead guitar and sings lead on many of our songs.  Dennis is also an accomplished songwriter; he’s written over half a dozen original songs for the Ramblers.

 Donna Klink plays rhythm guitar and banjo.   Donna is our female lead and sings high harmony on many of our songs.

 Ken Klink plays bass and sings bass.  Ken is our “rock” who keeps us together musically.

 Tom Reinhardt plays rhythm guitar and sings lead on many Ramblers songs.  Tom is also a square dance caller and does the calling for Rhythm Ramblers square dances.

 Gary Tigner plays mandolin and banjo.  Gary is also an experienced sound engineer. He gets us set up and sounding good at every performance.

Mark Witt plays lead guitar, banjo, and mandolin.  Mark’s tenor harmony rounds out the full, rich soundscape we try to deliver at all our concerts.

Rhythm Ramblers at the New Carlisle Heritage Festival